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My Third Eye

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What’s that all about?

My name is Alexander Kuffner and this is my private portfolio website. I was born in the year Nixon resigned and Helmut Schmidt was elected as german cancellor. I am living and working as a journalist, photographer and author in the beautiful city of Cologne/Germany.
Have fun on my page!


There is even more …

I am a Travel-Blogger, too. Have a look at mythirdblog.de
You will find several thousand (yes, that’s correct) more of my pictures in it.­

Fun fact: It’s written in german. But, hey – you can click buttons, can you?!­
­And – by the way – there’s a job-related portfolio of my work too,
hidden deep in the shallows of the world wide web. ­
If you wanna dive for it, hit www.zeilenmacher.com ­
But beware – it’s also in german language. And it needs a re-design badly.­

And if you want to contact me for whatever reason write a mail to: info -at- mythirdeye.de
Or see footer for numerous contact options on the social network of your choice.